To be honest, I really want my band to have the following:

Heavy Drumming (ie, Metallica, Nirvana, Kiss, etc)
Fast Guitars (occasionally) (ie, DragonForce, Paul Gilbert, Skid Row, Avenge Sevenfold, etc)
Power Chords (ie, Axel Rudi Pell, Black Sabbath, Dio, Iron Maiden, Metallica, etc)
High but Powerful Vocals (ie, Freddie Mercury, Miljenko Matijevic, Mark Slaughter, Danny Vaughn, etc)
Unique vocals (ie, Tom Keifer, Mark Slaughter, Tony Harnell, Robert Plant, etc)

I always a band that could cover different styles (Power Metal, Speed Metal, Nu Metal, Grunge, though VERY LITTLE OF THE LATTER)…
I personally loved Glam and Anthem rock the best. It was the best thing in rock history, just not image-wise.

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