Update (Not a big deal)

I started song writing on the bus on the way to college, but the truth is, I’m far from satisfied. I was really trying to write the lyrics with Nirvana, and it failed miserably. I really think that I can do far better than that.

The intended theme for my new album is  a taboo subject… or what social norms have deemed a taboo subject by people who are uncomfortable with it: RACE.

Good old fashioned race,the one reason why we all can’t get along. Some might ask, “Why Race?” Simple. I’ve been discriminated against a lot as a black guy, and most people prefer to act as if it’s nonexistent. What a shame. It’s very real, and it affects people very badly , especially me. Now I hate the stereotypes associated with my ethnic group, and how so many black people blindly conform to them. Point is, I still get watched in stores by paranoid non-black store-owners (who think black people are genetically predisposed to steal., and I was really annoyed when some idiot called the police on me… FOR SLEEPING N MY DAD’S CAR.




Well apparently, in the GTA, it is, and that’s why someone has to stand up against it. So if you hate those kinds of songs, well, too bad… I’m not going to ignore a problem just because some people are “uncomfortable”. And to be honest, most of the people who are uncomfortable are the ones who aren’t being directly affected by it.

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