Favorite singers (and why)

I’ve been trying to figure out for years which singers are my favorites, but I can’t seem to figure out which one I like the most. When I first started, I loved and was obsessed with Johnny Gioeli, convinced he was the best. But now that I’ve heard so many others since 2009, and I’m convinced that maybe I might have to reconsider. Not that Johnny sucks, but I’ve so many great people, and I can’t make a  final decision on who’s the best. And I like them all for different reasons.  So I decided to list these singers based on the time I discovered them:

Johnny Gioeli

He was the very first rock voice I ever heard. HE has powerful high pitched vocals, and can hit the low notes too. He’s the lead vocalist of THREE bands simultaneously (Hardline/Crush 40/Axel Rudi Pell). He’s of course, severely underrated. Also an amazing front man.

Tony Harnell

He has one of the highest vocal ranges I’ve EVER heard. His voice is amazing, and he was the lead vocalist for TNT for years until 2006, but even at his age he’s still one of the best. Too bad his albums are hard to get my hands on. Trust me, his vocal range is immensely high.

Ted Poley

Lead singer of Danger Danger. His vocal range isn’t that high, but his songwriting is brilliant. His voice is one of those memorable ones.

Miljenko Matijevic

He literally has the highest octave of any singer I’ve ever heard. INCREDIBLE. (He’s the lead singer of Steelheart, BTW)

Freddie Mercury

Come one now, that’s self-explanatory. You can’t love rock and hate Freddie. Lead Singer of Queen? Best singer of all time? Of course.

Chris Cornell

Too awesome. Temple of the Dog is one of my favorites of ALL TIME.

Jeff Keith

I’ll always love Tesla. Jeff never struggled with high notes despite his lower vocal range. Thank God he cleaned up from drugs.

Mike Tramp

I was shocked to find out that he was Danish, because he sang perfectly! White Lion fan forever. Thank God for YouTube, where I discovered them. Tramp is similar to Keith in how he sings, but his lyricism was much better yet severely underrated

Mike Szuter

I feel for this guy. His music was so down to Earth (I’m talking like he’s dead, LOL). But still, for his raspy singing voice, he’s amazing. Severely underrated. He was in the Szuters (vocals) Magna Fi (Vocals, rhythm guitar) and the Paul Gilbert solo (bass, occasional vocals). He may have been in Mr.Big, but I think I’m confusing him with Paul.

David Glen Eisley

The most Underrated singer of all. I mean, most people on know him from Spongebob (What a stupid show). But his deep voice is very unique and unmistakeable. Amazing.

Ronnie James Dio

Just incredible. He’s the best Heavy Metal Singer of ALL TIME (since Judas Priest anyway)

Phil Lewis

He has that unusual voice that you don’t expect much from, and then he shocks you with slick vocals (for a lack of a better word). L.A. Guns is one of my favorite bands.

Mark Slaughter

Too bad I discovered him late. It’s too bad. He’s amazing, and so is the band. High vocals too. Very excellent vibrato…

Danny Vaughn

They were too underrated, and Danny can still sing. Real awesome. I love it a lot. He’s a Master song writer as well.

Sebastian Bach

The best singer from Skid Row, which I love unconditionally. High vocals, without that screeching sound I hear some singers.

Joey Tempest

EUROPE! I love the way he sings, and he’s very versatile. Reminded me of Harnell the first time I heard him.

Tom Keifer

Cinderella blew me away the first time I heard them. Tom’s voice was literally unlike anything I’d heard. Too bad his voice was giving him trouble. I hope Cinderella has a good comeback. I love their music…and Tom’s vocals.

I’m always looking for new bands, and of course better singers. I wish I could pick my favorite.



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