Thoughts on KISS: Hell Or Hallelujah…

Okay, I was going to originally going to do a review on Message to Venus (long overdue), but I just saw KISS on Twitter talking about their single “Hell or Hallelujah”. Now, of course, once you hear news from your favorite band on Twitter, it’s obvious that you heard it late. Oh well, Better late than never.

Anyway, I left my credit card at home, so I had to buy the song by debit (BROKE)… But I’ll just talk about what I’ve heard so far.

First of, I love the opening: Tommy really outdid himself. Anyway, It’s great to hear Paul’s voice again, and it seems to be able to hit all the same notes as he did in the 70’s (And Paul isn’t one of the punks of today who uses computer effects). Even though what we’re hearing is a studio recording, it’s just as grabbing as a live show (and every KISS fan knows that makes the difference).

Lyrically, all I can say is that it’s DEFINETLY KISS. They’re really the only band I love other than AC/DC to keep to the lyrics as Rock N’ Roll as possible, echoing the themes I (not sure about anyone else) can never get enough of (I rode the highway to heartache/ I took a trip on the ship of fools, woah yeah!/ And I’ve paid the price to have my way/ Cause nothing breaks the rules, yeah!)

I love the blend of love and lust repeated throughout the song (You said that lust never lasted/ We surrender our hearts to fools, yeah!) and of course, the old fashion heartbreak ( Hey, one heart is breakin’/ One chance I’m takin’/ No lie, no fakin’/ Goodbye, feels like it should!)

I love it, and Paul still acts like he’s on stage with the random outbursts ( Lemme hear ya!) and Gene is the perfect backup.

Overall, I love it. Thanks again KISS for great music. I give it a 9/10 (I’d give it 10 if it were live)

In the meantime, have a listen… AND DON’T DOWNLOAD (Trust me, Gene has an axe…)

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