My experience at the Hilton Hotel.

I’m finally back home. I spent a whole week in Dallas, and overall, the trip was satisfactory, but not great.


Simple. Because of my stay at the Hilton Hotel was completely outrageous. And here I’m going to give you a couple of reasons as to why you should probably avoid staying there for some time.

First of all, lets get some things out of the way. Do you know who this is?


The Hilton takes pride in the fact that a U.S President actually stayed at one of their hotels. Sure….great. But seriously, if a U.S President stayed at your hotel, then why ruin the reputation with one of these?Image

This is one of the actual photos that I took the MOMENT I STEPPED IN. And there were dozens of them (one even perched on my mom’s shoulder). Seriously, not very hygienic if you ask me, especially when you walk into the convenience store and see one crawling on the food. Disgusting.

Now about the rooms themselves. The channel variety was simply a compilation of different news channels AND Sports. I mean we all love the news (NOT) and sports, but give me a break. And even so, most hotels (Actually, all the OTHER ones I’ve been to) have a guide channel and even something remotely close to ON Demand. Well Hilton? Still living in the stone age I see…

On top of that, the room service was terrible. The cleanup crew forgot to get up new towels and tissues and sometimes never even remembered to enter the garbage. Just distasteful.

And by the way, Hilton, call me crazy, but most people don’t really enjoy buffets with flies vomiting their enzymes all over the food. Just a suggestion.

On a side note, some better hotels for next time:


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