Underrated #4: Miljenko Matijevic

To be honest, I’ve never heard any man sing as high or higher than Miljenko Matijevic, the founder and front man of Steelheart. His powerful vocals were unlike anything I had heard before, and were so inconceivable that I thought he was a woman (and the blond hair he sported in the early nineties didn’t help much either). But as time went by, and I learned to appreciate such music, I came to realize how much raw all natural talent, drive, and overall guts it takes to deliver such an intense and high pitched vocal effects without the aid of a computer. I mean, that in itself is amazing enough. No auto tune. No altering hos voice with any of the available technology made available to most of our overrated mainstream artists. That’s what makes him so great, and for me personally, admirable. I could only dream of singing that high. And notice how he pulls it off without screeching? Seriously! Kurt Cobain always screeched (Yet ironically people said it made Kurt Cobain sound more emotional).

The Steelheart song with Matijevic’s highest vocals is “Sheila” (which he still sings well without setback for his age), and from my comparison, his vocal range outdoes that of Tony Harnell, Jeff Brown, Bon Scott, Mark Slaughter, and even Axl Rose.

Yet no one really knows them internationally, at least not enough people. In the age of electro pop, house, dubstep, and all things digital and synthetic, Matijevic’s voice continues to shatter all perceptions even at age 47. However, we could blame the lack of mainstream success from the rise of Grunge rock in the early nineties, the same time Steelheart debuted after eagerly seeking a record deal. Now hear this incredible man for yourself:


How can anyone this good be thrown on the back burner? But as I’ve said many times, people on the bandwagon are more into the latest fad than the greatest talent. Hear some more:

Or better yet, get off your lazy rump and get the discography. There’s only four albums (technically four including the Just a Taste EP).



2 thoughts on “Underrated #4: Miljenko Matijevic

  1. Dont you think at 47 he should be hanging it up? None of his songs except for she’s gone did anything and that was even overseas.

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