Underrated #5: Ted Poley and Danger Danger

“It’s been a long time coming/ But I’m back in the game/ Gonna hit the ground runnin’/ Like nothing’s changed/…”

– That’s What I’m Talking About, Revolve (2009)

You have no idea how good it felt to hear Ted Poley’s voice again in 2009, on their latest album “Revolve” (On of the best things that ever happened to me).

But of course, Danger Danger, a New York band (NY is known for great musical hits) was and is not immune to the highs and lows that every musical is forced to face, and this band’s lows were VERY low.

Bombarded with legal trouble in the nineties, Danger Danger committed the unpardonable sin and fired Ted Poley their lead singer (although he would return in 2004 thank God) and of course, with the rise of potential short lived hits like Grunge and it’s copy-cat sub genres, I guess its no surprise that Danger Danger was, like all good eighties bands save Metallica, put on the back burner after a debut gold album. What a shame.

Just a taste of what these guys are about. To me, they followed the same pattern as L.A. Guns (another severely underrated band), combining elements of sex, down to earth ballads, and amazing blends of acoustic and hard hitting tracks that made them deserving of the Wembley Stadium itself. But they are still underrated. Sure, they might attract a crowd, and sure they’ve toured with KISS, but in the end, their music is too good to be so unknown. And Revolve proves that after all the line up changes, low sales, and even the brief absence of Poley, the band still knows how to right… the RIGHT way.

The opening song of the album, “That’s what I’m talking about”, is almost a testament of how far they’ve come as a band, and an apparent sign that they aren’t ready to back down. Something Ted specifically has proved time and time again:

Unfortunately, most of Ted’s fans are overly obsessed Sonic the Hedgehog fans, who, like myself, discovered him from the Sonic Adventure 2 Battle soundtrack he did with equally gifted vocalist Tony Harnell of TNT entitled “Escape from the city”, which I assume he’s recording here:

But even so, most fans don’t know what they’re missing. Having hear the ENTIRE Danger Danger discography, I can honestly say that the band would literally be doomed without his charisma upfront, and I honestly expect much more for the future.

And by the way, I give “Revolve” four out of five.


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