Thoughts on Versus The Nothing

I haven’t actually done a review in a very long time, and I’m still trying to get some insight on 2012’s new maniac James Holmes, but now I’m going to spend a little bit of time to focus on some of the bands that followed me on Twitter (as promised). It’s probably a bit cumbersome, but I don’t have access to whole albums like I want to, so I’m only going to review what I hear, and critique based on sounds (rock style, instrument use) quality (recording, mix down), and ways to improve. The last part often gets people hate, so keep in mind that theirs no perfect band.

I’m starting with the first follower, a band called “Versus the Nothing.”

According to their Facebook page:

This five-piece band hails from Vancouver B.C. I usually don’t listen to Canadian bands, but I like them more now since they don’t really dominate the mainstream industry. They’re listed as a Progressive Rock band, currently unsigned.

Just a little info for you that are too lazy to click the link.

Anyway, here’s the lineup. I’m gonna use it reference so I don’t have to use common titles (ie, bassist, guitarist, etc). They didn’t give any surnames:

Ross – Vocals
Ande – Guitar/vocals
Chris – Guitar/vocals
Jason – Bass
Jacob – Drums/vocals

Okay, on to the music. I’ve heard their song “Let it Come Down”. The chorus aspect of the melody reminds me of 12 Stones (and that’s a good thing), with the touch of Papa Roach. I like the delivery of Ross, easily able to switch from a needy, softer vocal to a more powerful commanding vocal delivery, to a mild screamo at the pre-bridge. Very well done. The backing vocals sync almost perfectly, almost making a resonating chord. As for Jacob, the drumming was actually very interesting. He doesn’t rely on the bass drum as much as other bands I’ve heard, and has a good blend with the crash cymbals. I like it.

The band has proven to be down to earth in terms of lyricism, combining basic lyrics of simple loss/breakup with a outlet of complexity of human emotion for the lyrics, exemplifying frustration in the bridge. I don’t know which member wrote this, but I like it a lot. I might end up whistling this.

In “Mask of Pretension”, Ross almost sounds like a blend of Ryan Key and Zach De La Rocha (granted the latter isn’t a singer). It’s generally much softer, sounding more as an older track. But I love the opening verse being more aggressive, switching to softer, more emotional lyrics, and staying that way until the chorus. I love the music video, where Ross talks to himself in the mirror; lyrically, it’s almost like a confrontational song. The bridge is interesting, Ross builds up with his signature (?) scream. Anyway, Chris and Ande (I’m not sure which is which, silly me), but I love the strumming, the chords really giving you that rise that makes you wanna head bang like Cliff Burton.

Anyway, I wanna mention Jason, so “Let it Come Down” is the song of choice. I like how the guitar and bass went so well to maintain a false sense of tranquility, and just before the bridge. Still, a tad bit hard to zero in on. But I did notice he played less complicated pieces in this particular song, but the intro and outro did grab my attention. The blend with the distorted guitar in the outro added to the real effects of the song.

Word of Encouragement:

I like “Mask of Pretension”, but a hint of encouragement, the melody of the song sounds a tee bit like “Between Angels and Insects” by Papa Roach in the chorus and verses alike. Not really noticeable, but I’ll give you guys a pass since it’s that one song. (I mean, considering the crap Oasis got away with)…

AND “Mask of Pretension” sounds like it was mixed with a much lower sound, compared to your other songs.

Also, try and resort to a few songs like “Invisible Asylum”, where I can hear Jason more clearly (I like this song most by the way; Jason plays a MUCH better part hear to prove he’s no Cliff Williams, and I can hear Ross at a much higher range to get an idea of how great he is).

Anyways, I have yet to get the WHOLE discography, but keep up the work, I like what I hear so far.

Hear for yourself:

And Buy:

*NOTE: all audio tracks are from their page, DON’T upload unless you have permission OR you’re a major label*

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