Review on Crash Midnight’s Diamond Boulevard…

I’ll review “Diamond Boulevard”, one of their staple tracks:

Listening to the song simultaneously, it automatically resonates as a late 80’s hair metal band, accompanied by the amazing vocals provided by Shaun Soho. Just from listening to him, he sounds like a median between Mark Slaughter (slaughter) and Jeff Keith (Tesla) with a little hint of Sebastian Bach (Skid Row). I LOVE IT!!!! I love 80’s rock more than my own food, so I love the old school sound that Crash Midnight delivers. Bo is their bassist (No real name I guess), does more than a cheap “one string” delivery that most bassists get away with and comes across like a cross of “Tim Commerford” (Rage Against the Machine) and “John Deacon” (Queen). That’s why I like how the song was mixed down: allowing us to hear the bass audibly and show Bo’s efficiency. True mastery, reflecting the emotions of the song. But I definitely love the guitar genius behind Alex Donaldson and Todd Friedman, sounding like the perfect duo like “Slash and Izzy Stradlin” (before GNR laid to waste). That’s a what I like! Their drummer is a real “Steve Ferrone” or “Tommy Lee”. A perfect rock N roll combination.

Lyrically, the band shows in this particular piece that they don’t sing about nothing (or nothing relevant), but actually reflect emotions and exercise poetry describing the emotional baggage of a hard life of prostitution.

Bled out on the street
Got so many tryin’
Just ta grab a piece of me”

I love how they did it so explicitly, yet did it in a way that also could let you enjoy the pleasure-filled sound of the music without any sense of discomfort. They also do a rare thing (or at least these days it’s rare), that they almost take the perspective of the “lonely soul of Diamond Boulevard” and paint a picture in your head:

“They try n’ rape me,
They try n’ break my mind
Break my mind…”

While attacking the common notion of society’s judgement’s:

“Preachers screamin’
Screamin’ in my ear
Ev’rybody’s got somethin’ ta sell
When they’re down here

Don’t chastise me,
You ain’t so clean
No, no, no…”

All while level a subliminal yet meaningful hint of morality, almost like something you can take out of the song:

“Been out ridin’ on this diamond boulevard
N’ you can make that money, but it only goes so far
We been out ridin’ on this diamond boulevard
It’s tearin’ me apart…”

Almost like the exact opposite of “Mr.Brownstone”, exposing and OPPOSING a generally ignored problem in modern society… yet with an 80’s sound.

BEAUTIFUL SONG. Reminds of “18 and Life” by Skid Row OR “Forever Young” by Tyketto. And of course, this proves ONE THING once and for all: TRUE AOR/Rock N’ Roll is still relevant today, AND a true musical masterpiece can never be dated, as Nirvana unwillingly led people to believe. AC/DC said it best: “Rock and Roll: it WILL survive!”

Great Song! Now pardon my butt kissing and accept this 5/5



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