Review on Falling Girl…

True story. I was on Twitter as usual, and I believe that I randomly blurted out that I love Nirvana (but it may have been Seether). Next thing, some random guy named Ludovic tells me that if I like a series of grunge bands, that I should check HIS band out on YouTube. Apparently, the band is called “Falling Girl”, a three piece made up of the following:

Damien [de la Paroisse]: Singer/Bass
Tomma [De La Choupeta]: Drums
Ludovic [De Saint Léger]: Guitar

Now, they’ve already uploaded a handful of their songs on YouTube already, and I’ve had the liberty to hear them. I’ve come to note several things and start with what I like. But first, a couple of their songs:

I’ll start with the song Desperate:

I really like the grunge opening, while the rest of the song sounded more like a late 90’s, early 00’s alternative (If I’m wrong correct me). It almost sounded as if the band was trying to emulate a bit of a more pop sound (which I actually don’t mind, as it’s more structured), and I especially liked Tomma’s drumming in this case. However, one thing I’ve been debating (or was debating) was Damien’s singing ability. I at first felt as if it wasn’t to par, but to be very honest, I’ve heard far worst. Damien was also able to stay on key for the most part, but in the Chorus of this catchy melody, he REALLY came across with a screeching sound, similar to Kurt Cobain on almost every “Bleach” song in ’89. But still, two things. First, I doubt English is his first language, and this could easily be a punk band, so who knows, to each his own.

The softer acoustic remake of “Spirit of My Dreams” was unique, and I think it shows that Ludovic can still sound great unplugged. Damien’s singing is much softer in this case, and I liked how he pulled off the song with a lower vocal range. I don’t know, at least it shows signs of versatility.

“Seem Happy” is interesting. The opening guitar by Ludovic reminded me of “Lithium” by “Nirvana”, until they reached the chorus. A softer song, it’s one of those few songs where Damien gives a more emotional outlet that you can actually explicitly hear beyond the (French?) accent.

Lyrically, I actually had mixed feelings at first. Damien was very hard to understand at first because of the accent and the punk-style screeching in the chorus. But as the lyrics registered in my Brain it became much simpler to make a judgment. Here’s the opening verse from “Desperate”:

“If you have a problem,I’m your friend
You know you can blame,It’s not a shame
It’s a trauma baby,But you are crazy
Where is the beauty,It’s Amy”

It’s seems inconsistent on paper, but Damien pulls it off [somehow] the chorus is a series of loud screeches:

“Listen to me,I’m desperate
Listen to me,I’m a lame
Listen to me,I’m desperate
Listen to me,I’m afraid”

It seems like he’s either singing about obsession, or the psyche of the quintessential emotionally disturbed. I’m not sure what the song’s about, but if Kurt got away with that all the time, then I won’t argue…

One thing to keep in mind, the voice over (or possibly backup vocals) weren’t 100% in sync. No offense but it was very easy to hear at some points in the chorus.


This is the speedy outro of the song, complete with a drum line finale from Tomma, but it almost sounds like Damien is just randomly screaming, with no melodic input. No offense Damien, but this part of the song could also use a bit of improvement.

However, that’s no insult. I loved Spirit of my dreams, despite my detest for love songs and ballads alike (if I like yours, you’re either White Lion OR you’re REALLY good). It’s practically the staple song for the emotional roller coaster of infatuation or obsession. At least that was my take after reading the lyrics:

“I don’t know if you love me
But all that i can see
I only get my desires when i fall asleep
I don’t know if you trust me
Oh baby come back
I’m running after the spirit of my dreams…”

I also like this song because (if it wasn’t clear before) Damien seems to have found a comfortable vocal range; no screeching, and perfectly audible. I like it a lot.

Seem Happy is my second favorite, because it actually shows some genius (to whichever band member wrote it). Tomma sounds a bit like Deen Castronovo at his softest, setting a comfortable feel for the song (most drummers tend to be versatile, so that’s a plus). The song expresses lyrical frustration, which takes a degree of intellect:

“I don’t believe in me
I want to stay at home
Lies in my dreams
It’s a closed room
Sometimes i burn
I am not a hero
With my open eyes
I’m out of control…”

Reminds me of Pearl Jam’s “Once”…

Overall, I think that so far, Falling girl is just another up-and-coming band that you’re not 100% sure what to think of, but you don’t turn them off because you wanna hear what’s coming next.

An update from them on July 12:

– Falling Girl will record in Romsey – England for St-Paul’s Lifestyle Record (August 03-04-05) –

Good luck guys!

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