Favourite Singers

#20 Jeff Brown

I love Trixter. Too bad the band is severely underrated, but made a comeback in 2008. Jeff has such a great voice, and thank God it isn’t shot.

#19 Phil Lewis

I love L.A. Guns too much. Incredible yet unassuming voice. Too underrated; the vocalist king of the sunset strip. He’s still going strong with L.A. Guns after Tracii’s departure. Surprisingly high vocal range and no screeching. Awesome!

#18 Johnny Hetherington

Singer of Art of Dying. Commanding Voice, and equally amazing song writer. I really look forward to the bands follow up album.

#17 Shaun Morgan

From Seether. He surprisingly has a higher vocal range, and it’s rounded off with his superior grunge guitar playing skill. Also the most human on the list.

#16 Mark Slaughter

Incredible singer, but the band hasn’t released anything since 1999. What a shame…

#15 Ted Poley

Great singer, the third rock singer that I’ve ever heard. Great Vocals!

#14 Bon Scott

#13 Joey Tempest

I really like Europe, but I have yet to hear their newest material. Still, Joey’s actualy one of the best singers of the eighties.

#12 Tom Keifer

Lead singer of Cinderella. He loses his voice a lot (his body can’t handle his awesomeness), but he’s among the best of the 80’s, hands down. Also a brilliant song writer.

#11 Jeff Keith

Lead singer of Tesla. Amazing singing abilities. So glad he cleaned up from drugs.

#10 Cj Szuter

Lead singer of Outta the Blue, but throughout The Szuters and Magna-Fi he took a back seat on Lead Guitar. Now does his own solo work. Legendary songs.

#9 Mike Szuter

Lead singer of The Szuters and Magna-Fi. Also guitarist of Outta the Blue and bassist of Paul Gilbert Band. Amazing singer with incredible pop inspired lyrics. Very down to earth.

#8 David Glen Eisley

Amazing singer, but the most underrated on this list. Lead Singer of Giuffria, Dirty White Boy, and Murderer’s Row. After 3 solo albums, he retired in 2001.

#7 Mike Tramp

Lead singer of White Lion. Genius lyrics; one of the best on this list. Amazing vocals too.

#6 Ronnie James Dio

DUH! The ultimate Heavy Metal singer. Singer of Black Sabbath, Elf, Dio, Rainbow, and Heaven and Hell. Passed away 2010.

#5 Danny Vaughn

Lead singer of Tyketto. Amazing vocals, and incredible songs. Most inspirational song writer in a LONG time.

#4 Freddie Mercury

Really a legend in himself, lead singer of Queen. Amazing vocals, the best on this list. But putting him at number one would be unfair.

#3 Milijenko Matijevic

Highest vocals on this list. He’s the lead singer of Steelheart. Amazing singer!

#2 Tony Harnell

The very second rock singer I’ve ever heard. Former lead singer of TNT, now going solo.

#1 Johnny Gioeli

The very first rock star I ever heard. Lead singer of Hardline, Axel Rudi Pell, and Crush 40


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