Best Crush 40 Songs

Crush 40 is a severely underrated band, so I put together this list. Too bad; most of their fans are Sonic fans, but then again, that`s really only way to hear most of the music, so whatever…

10. Into the Wind

Very uplifting song, even for one inspired by racing.

9. Sonic Youth

Too bad this band is in the shadow of a video game character. But this song is still amazing.

8. What I’m Made Of

The ultimate fighting song. Great vocals on Johnny`s part, especially since the songs Crush 40 was making became more metal oriented at this point. Shows that Johnny is one of the best metal singers ever.

7. Revvin’ Up

This is one of the other songs that really defines the band, being one if their oldest songs. It’s probably better than Open Your Heart in terms of showing what the band is really about. Amazing. The lyrics also go so well with the typecast songs (the Crush 40 songs that are in Sonic`s shadow).

6. Watch Me Fly

Thrill of the Feel is an underrated album, and watch me fly has some of Johnny’s highest vocals in the bands history, and for once it’s not about Sonic. Despite being a softer song, Jun created yet another memorable riff that sets the mood for the song.

5. His World

This song is a Zebra Head cover, but still, Crush 40 made it their own (who the heck is Zebra head?). One of the bands most iconic songs.

4. Song of Hope

Finally, Jun and Johnny break away from the games with an EP, and this song is just brilliant. Perfect for those hurting, especially after the Japan tsunami. Amazing solo.

3. Open Your Heart

This is one of their most important songs, because it defines the sound of Crush 40, being the first song recorded. Sonic Adventure is one of the greatest games in Sonic’s history and this song is a gateway (literally) to Jun’s ability as a sound engineer. It also has Jun’s best ever solo.

2. I Am (All of Me)

Ultimate heavy metal song. I heard it and I thought I was listening to Axel Rudi Pell. Too amazing, and shows Crush 40’s versatility. Jun is amazing on lead.

1. Live And Learn

It’s basically their ultimate song, featured on “Sonic Adventure 2” and their title album. It’s one of the most uplifting songs ever, and some of Johnny’s best vocal output is on this song (for the band, at the least). It’s the best song to ever be featured in a video game: No doubt. It also has Jun’s best solo after Open Your Heart.


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