The Indecent: “Lucky Ones”/ “Her Screwed Up Head”/”25 Steps”/”Soy Bean”

I must admit, that was very interesting. I was only going to do one song, but then I realized that they didn’t have too many videos and so I decided to hear all of them. And it took me a few listens before I caught on to Maddy’s style (I usually have problems with bassists and audio).

veeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry interesting.

So I’ve been doing this thing where I review the bands that followed me on Twitter, and I just heard a song called “Lucky Ones” by the indecent.

That’s the link right there. Anyways, I’ll start off with basic info. Here’s the lineup:

Bo – Guitar
Maddy – Bass
Emily – Vocals
Nicholas Burrows – Drums

“Lucky Ones”

So basically, having just heard the song, I’ll will say that I loved the opening Maddy did on bass. It didn’t remind me of any bands that I’ve heard in the past, so originality was clearly a factor. I also like Nicholas’ drumming. It fit the pattern of the song very well. I didn’t really hear Maddy’s bass, and the main verses seemed a bit hollow, but seriously.

I’m not used to Emily’s singing style. If this was a punk or grunge band, I’d shut up, but still… I didn’t see it coming. At the end of the song, she screams “Lucky Ones”, but I heard a lot of screeching as the notes got slightly higher. At least she could hold the notes during the duration of the song. Truth be told, screeching is something only Patti Smith or Kurt Cobain could get away with, so if she could work on that. On top of that, Emily sounds a bit… monotone in her singing. In other words, it sounding very on the edge of being more of a recital; a slight lack of melody. Maybe that’s on purpose? Not sure… Her voice seems to have a bit of lack of emotion. Robotic? But it’s okay. There’s always room to improve. Besides, better than Trapt…

The bridge of the song had a nice metal solo, so that puts Bo in my good books.

“Her Screwed Up Head”

Emily really sounds robotic in this song. I know Axl Rose likes to change up voices, but this sounds a bit like a stoic Ozzy Osbourne (for a lack of a better reference). Perhaps I’m being biased from my own musical demands, but at least the voice is… unique. Besides, Soy Bean sounds a bit better. Bo has a nice riff prepared for this softer piece, and at least Emily DID project emotion into the ending of the song.

“Soy Bean”

Nicholas’ drumming is perfect in this song. Combination of his own personal style was very entertaining. Emily’s vocals create a bit of an eeriness, so it actually worked in this song.

“25 Steps”

This is the only song where I can hear Maddy. Love the snare opening. Emily finally has a stronger (or at least more obvious) melodic delivery in her voice, so this is their better song. The melody Maddy gives reminds me of “Rape Me” (Nirvana), but that’s just me. Bo’s solo was brilliant. I love it actually. Still, I think this (of all the songs I’ve listed) is the one with the best bass style.

So for me, I think if Emily would add more melody to her voice, the songs could sound much better, and so far Nicholas deserves an A grade. Bo is brilliant, but most of the true style comes during the chorus and in sparing solos. so if he could try doing longer solos I could make a more solid judgement on his playing ability, though in 25 Steps he showed a clear sign of versatility. I had to listen twice to all the songs since I mistook Maddy’s bass playing, so yes, she’s amazing, and I like the fact that she doesn’t just slap or pick one string at a time like a lot of bass players (one good thing about having just one guitarist is that she can’t hide behind a rhythm player which extreme basic playing, not that she would). So yes, very good, a real John Deacon.

But I like this band. And I WILL recommenced it if I get the chance.

One thought on “The Indecent: “Lucky Ones”/ “Her Screwed Up Head”/”25 Steps”/”Soy Bean”

  1. Intelligent interesting evaluation. However, you may not know that these kiddies were 14 when they made this DYI album produced by Tim Sommer. They are now 18 and it’s a different band. You were definitely onto something. Emily found her voice and they are really powerful. Just about to release an EP produced by Rob Cavallo on Warner Bros, and one with no compromises. This kids rock hard, yet Emily retains a bit of artistry akin to her idols like Patti Smith. It’s not contrived. It’s real. I hope you will follow as the band grows an damn it I hope you can hear Maddy! Spot on Nick’s a prodigy and Bo’s riffs are more harsh now than four years ago. If you go to their FB page, or Website you kind some free dowloads to their new song courtesy of Nylon. Thanks for the well-thought -out review. Most Sincerely, a long time fan of the band!

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