Underrated #10: White Lion/Mike Tramp

Okay, I know that this band was originally multi-platinum and gold in the 80’s, but see, that’s the problem. Mike Tramp is one of the greatest singers I’ve ever heard. Sure his voice seems raspy, but it’s unique, and I love that. And of course, for someone of his talent, the band White Lion deserves MORE FAME! Like this kind:

So here’s why White Lion is amazing (Other than Mike’s singing):

The band has an incredible gift of true lyricism, something that’s severely lacking in a musical industry made up of sellouts, terrible rappers only concerned with outlandish punchlines and narcissistic self promotion, dub-step, house, electronic dance music with auto tuned singers, etc. Thing is, White Lion didn’t do any of these things, and mastered elements of what makes a song great, compared to other bands at the time. I mean, most hair metal bands relied on cute sounding songs to get girls, but White Lion went the extra mile (though I must admit, they’re love songs were amazing)…

White Lion also confronted social issues in their songs, which shows that they aren’t air headed pretty boys trying to be cute like their other hair metal counterparts. Songs Like “Cry for Freedom” were against apartheid, “Broken Home” was about the effects of divorce [on youth], and apparently “Little Fighter” had some historic reference as well.

AMAZING BAND. Too bad Mike’s the only original member…

So they’re basically underrated because with talent like theirs, it’s really not appreciated much, especially seeing how lacking talent like theirs is in today’s industry, which is based mostly on fads. Mike Tramp is one of the greatest song writers ever, and didn’t rely on catchiness (if that’s a word) like most of today’s musicians. As time went by, White Lion sales started to slowly decline, which is a real shame. They’re too good to be ignored by mainstream media. And audio-wise, they were extremely uplifting.

Personally, Vito Bratta was their best guitarist. But anyway, I’ve noticed that I’ve made the mistake of not showing where the music can be bought (since my generation is full of lazy idiots who don’t know how to utilize basic search engines). Here it is:



Terrific works of art! And Mike Tramp is an amazing singer:



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