We Are The Fallen: Tear The World Down

*Sucks, I just heard my old friend died today. R.I.P Zach. So I’m gonna try and write this review with that in the back of my head…*

Here’s the Line Up:

Carly Smithson – vocals
Ben Moody – lead guitar, programming, piano, percussion
John LeCompt – rhythm guitar, mandolin, programming
Marty O’Brien – bass
Rocky Gray – drums

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of Gothic metal, simply because of the themes. Doom, Gothic, Death, and Black metal are at the very bottom of my list. So all bias aside…

This band has an incredible sound (ironic that I hate their genre), and their Separate Ways cover is legendary. Carly has an amazing voice; no screeching, much more enjoyable than Amy Lee (Evanescence). Having heard most of the tracks, I must say that I’m surprisingly impressed. Perfect blend of the classical strings and hardcore metal (“I Am Only One”), and it’s great that they stayed off the dry, medieval-style lyricism that I was actually expected (like My Dying Bride). The Heavy Drums courtesy of Rocky, plus the soothing piano incorporation is actually a perfect fusion. But the band found a nice medium, even in their Harder songs (Bury Me Alive). Thank you Marty for not using cheap one-string bass pieces like most bands. The songs are very structured, sounding like a true work of brilliant composition. Ben’s like a Jon Paul Jones (one of those multi-talented musicians that every band needs). You guys sound like a compiling of a Hollywood Drama scene and Iron Maiden, almost an American counterpart of the Dutch “Withing Temptation” (another awesome Gothic Metal/Symphonic rock band).
But I hope these guys are aware that Gothic metal bands don’t do to well in the industry (Accompanied by the fact that other than “Bury Me Alive”, I haven’t heard much from you guys as of this year). It’s basically based on the same principle as Grunge rock… In an industry full of electronic dance music and progressive crap, Gothic metal is accompanied with a perception contrary to the mainstream chart toppers. In other words, don’t overdue it with depressing themes. It works in Wacken Open Air (or anywhere in the early 90’s), but too much isn’t generally accepted. But so far, this band looks like it’s on the edge of being a one hit (or one album) wonder, simply because music like this doesn’t follow the type of expectations that most (bandwagon idiots) music fans chase after. But anyway, that’s out of my hands…

Still, for those who actually analyze music to find its strong points and appreciate the talent in it (not a lot of those), then this album is a must have.

I wish all the best to this band (seriously), I like this band; the only other Gothic band I love other than Within Temptation.

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2 thoughts on “We Are The Fallen: Tear The World Down

  1. Thanks for this review. I agree with the majority if your perspective. I think the industry is completely fucked. That’s why I/we will continue to make the music that comes natural to us and not suck the industry tit and make shitty music that’s palatable to the masses. Our heart and soul is in this record. We love it and are very thankful for those of you who give it a real chance, rather than hating it simply because you love the other band. Thanks.

    • John, thanks for making this great album with Rocky, Marty, Ben and Carly, this album contains great songs, and the DVD shows what a real band is, a band that works as a team, a band that works for the fans and respect the music without trying to be a mainstream band, with “happy” songs without a meaning, guys, you really love the real music, and we hope to see you back on stage

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