Update: Upcoming Film Script…

Here’s the part where I betray myself.

I’ve officially given up on my dream of starting a band. There’s no place for a keyboardist in most bands, and unfortunately I have no band members to even form a band with. Anyway, I have taken up the idea of writing a screen play, something I haven’t done since school ended last year. But here I am, after being so inspired by the idea to write a film script after seeing The Dark Knight Rises, and here I am with an even better, more original idea.

I’ve been writing reviews on albums, songs, singles, and underrated rock musicians just to keep myself busy. I wrote a recent one on Tracii Guns (L.A. Guns, Brides of Destruction, League of Gentlemen), and it gave me an idea…

I’m going to be writing a film script (a FICTIONAL ONE) depicting the 80’s Hollywood scene with all those crazy rock bands thriving until the Grunge movement. I tried a similar script a long time ago, but it failed miserably. So I’m going to try ONE MORE TIME. IF it fails, I’m going to bury the idea of film scripts forever.

This idea was heavily inspired by Tracii Guns, my long time number TWO favorite guitarist of all time (second only to Ronni Le Tekrø or maybe Jeff Labar). Anyways, Tracii Guns ruled the LA scene, so I’ve finally decided to make something worthwhile… in about 300+ pages (sorry, I can’t stand short films. If it’s shorter than Godfather, I have a problem.)

But this idea is STRICTLY FICTIONAL, so don’t jump on me for inaccuracy. It was inspired by real events, NOT based on them. I wanted to focus on bands like Mötley Crüe, Tesla, Warrant, L.A. Guns, and *cough*… Guns N’ Roses (If only there was another way). Oh well, price you pay. Anyway, I’m realy just doing this because I love Tracii Guns that much, and I have nothing better to do.

So yeah, we’ll see how this crap works, and if it doesn’t… I said it already.

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