Crash and Burn: Review on Four Nights Gone

I haven’t heard the term “Crash and Burn” since Brunette’s “Smash, Crash, and Burn” in 1989 (Funny, I wasn’t even born yet).

Yet unlike Brunette, this band demonstrates a very interesting and much needed outlet of modern rock music, something one can’t get enough of. The line up is here:

Damian LaRocco-Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Imran Xhelili – Lead Guitar/ Back Up Vocals
Alex Basovisky-Bass Guitar/Back Up Vocals
Steven” Lobes” Romano-Drums

This four piece band from Staten Island, NY is an ultimate blend of passion, hard rock, and master lyricism. Having heard this EP for myself, I must say, this is a true work of art. The lyrics are echoes of emotional disturbance and general angst, instead of cheesy party themed garbage of today’s music. “My Last Call”, “Scared To Breathe”, and “Despair”, are your most meaningful songs, displaying a masterful blend of simplicity and realism (for a lack of better words). The songs are a clashing of irony, so build you up (My Last Call), others pull the angst from the closet (Crash and Burn).
Damien’s voice is strong and he hits the notes without any signs of screeching or straining. The songs are perfectly aligned with his versatile vocal range. Imran shows a very witty blend of power chords and note-by-note formulation, rather than the overused metal combinations of punk and grunge bands (GRAZIE MILLE!). Each song has it’s unique riff and undertone, as does Alex on bass. I’m used to drummers having louder volume on tracks, but seeing this a more guitar-oriented band, I love the versatility in each song that Steven shows with dedication switching up the styles several times and back before the song ends. He one of the most talented members of the group.

This EP is a sign to skeptics that rock isn’t as dead (or sold out to the devil) as most people seem (other than Seether). I appreciate the bands authenticity and I pray they keep it going.


Here’s the EP on Itunes:



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