Happy Belated Birthday: Jun Senoue!



I can’t believe I missed Jun’s birthday (August 2).


Jun is my hero. I remember back in 2001 when I played Sonic Adventure for the very first time on my friend Jordan’s SEGA Dreamcast. Then, I heard one of the most memorable chorus’ ever (Courtesy of Johnny Gioeli), and one of the greatest Guitar solos I think I’ll ever hear in my life. (I’m not kissing ass just because it’s his birthday, I actually mean that.) Open Your Heart is the VERY first rock song I ever heard. Turns out Jun was (and STILL IS) SEGA’s BEST sound engineer, composing most of the games instrumentals and songs with his brilliant guitar and keyboard parts (I hear he plays drums too).

Jun is better than most guitarists that I’ve heard, and it was him that made me permanently interested in rock music, and through his music on the games, I discovered Tony Harnell (TNT), Ted Poley (Danger Danger), Bentley Jones, Mike and CJ Szuter (The Szuters, Paul Gilbert, Magna-Fi), Eric Martin (Mr.Big), Axel Rudi Pell, Hardline (Johnny’s OTHER BANDS), Zebra Head, The Cult (Crush 40 covered Fire Woman), and Marlon Saunders.

My friends ordered a pizza to celebrate. And we’re blasting Crush 40 music in the work office.


Jun is more versatile than most musicians, skilled in hard rock, acoustic, heavy metal, glam, electronic music…you name it. Jun can do it all. He’s the Bruce Lee of music, able to adapt to any style (or maybe Jon Paul Jones). Every band needs to have a Jun Senoue in their band.


Thanks Jun for helping me discover rock music.


Fun Fact: It took me ten years before I heard Jun speak English for the first time.




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