Thoughts on the Peak…

Here’s the band’s link(?)

Now, as you can tell, this is the first Christian band I’m reviewing on my blog. That’s simply because I have very conflicting views about the lyrical structure of Christian songs (for instance, why are 98% of ALL Christian songs nothing more than compiled Bible Verses or based on the traditional structure of a Bible-based prayer? We’ll probably never know what the lack of talent-oriented originality is)…

That’s actually one of the first things I’ve noticed upon listening to this band “PEAK

One thing I DO like about this band is that they’ve taken an alternate path than most music I’m used t (and that’s a good thing). They rely on softer ballad-like melodies, creating a form of tranquility (in general). The combination of alto and tenor vocals (Everything), while not over doing it with powerful metal riffs or heavy drum lines (Take My Sin). So I’m only to assume that this is tradition worship-themed band based on their samples.

“How marvelous is your grace…”

“Take my sin and lift me up…. I cry out and sing for you”

Um… Here’s what I’d love to ask an educated Christian. And this is no insult. Enlighten me, PLEASE…


I enjoy the song “Star” (FOR IT’S MODERN ORIGINALITY; IT DOESN’T SOUND LIKE IT WAS COPIED AND PASTED FROM PSALMS OR PROVERBS), but every other songs follows the “quintessential” pattern of EVERY Christian band that exists, minus Red, Skillet, and Stryper. Every band seems to do this otherwise, and thus they all tend to sound exactly the same.

Trust me. I’m the best friend they’ll ever have: Peak sounds very amazing. Beautiful blend of hard rock and softer acoustic (especially Star), but every OTHER might as well be written by Hillsongs. Try to praise God with YOUR OWN WORDS. It forces you to use a higher level of talent, and it actually sounds like you’re worshiping God from YOUR OWN HEART AND SOUL, NOT KING DAVID’S OR MOSES’.

I’m not mocking, but almost every Christian band is guilty of it (“Let’s rewrite the Bible with a soft rock beat”). Guys, the more personalized it is, the more powerful the song becomes. If you recycle Bible terms, it takes the soul away from it and the song isn’t really yours. That’s why love ballads always get high acclaimed.

But these guys don’t look like they’re in this for fame (I respect that). They really have a very knowledgeable approach with your musical, something that is highly admirable. All the best to these guys, and I hope to review an album or EP soon…


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