Thoughts on Waking Chaos…

This hit harder than Slipknot:

Okay, I’ll just say it plainly: I hate death metal. The guitarists are some of the best rock can offer, but the dreadful demon possessed sound is something I really can’t get used to (or understand)
Fortunately, Waking Chaos sent me their song lyrics… I’m assuming that the simplicity of the lyrics is to complement the quintessential “growling” of the lead singer:

Now then, as promised, I’m reviewing “Imminent Annihilation” (and completely ignore the singing). Here it is for purchase on Itunes:

And here’s the lineup for namesake:

Mark: Drums, Lead Vocals
Frank: Guitars, Backing Vocals
Bibbs: Bass, Backing vocals

Finally, a full album. I’m sick of these EPs…

Death metal is known for it’s fast guitar riffs and likewise it’s high tempo drum lines. So if you like it, you got it. The album displays a very dark, semi-detailed depiction of death and destruction, so the band can at least be appreciated for being theme oriented, which one can appreciate. Frank thus far is the most talented member, albeit not the most versatile (that would be Mark). The riffs on the songs “Freedom Revoked” and “Reign of Terror” was amazing, and I actually DO like the way “Bibbs” (is that his REAL NAME?) played so well in sync with Frank, keeping the rhythm from getting hollow. When I heard Flatline Ecstasy, I thought Herman Li was in the room. Surprisingly, I actually liked Mark’s drumming (more than is other talents), and his versatility from fast to slow and the very well blended use of the crash cymbals was unexpected, so at least these guys put their skill where their mouth is.
Now then, this is a hard review because the “singing” can’t really be emphasized much. But naturally, that’s the ONE downside of Death Metal. Everyone sings the same. While I avoid the genre like I avoid Venom albums, the truth is, there’s no uniqueness (singing wise) in the entire genre. Bands like Led Zeppelin, Queen, Judas Priest, and Aerosmith are world renowned for the frontman’s vocal abilities, and this is usually what makes or breaks a band. Good guitarists are never in short supply (maybe bass players are), and we’ll never run out of drummers, but singers are always a high demand (one more reason why Death Metal bands are really not mainstream). So based on that fact, this band might need a serious miracle to dominate beyond the underground scene that they’ve “terrorized” (catering to their themes), but suggesting better singing is like a Jehovah’s Witness preaching to Venom or Pantera.

So, with all honesty… GOOD LUCK TO THIS BAND. Truthfully, this is one of my worst blog posts, but I really don’t understand the art behind death metal vocals… Who knows…

As for the album itself:

Beats every Linkin Park album by a long shot…

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