Message To Venus: The Envelope – EP

So here’s the thing:

There’s this awesome band from Puerto Rico called “Message To Venus”, and I’m addicted to their music. I spent a lot of money these days buying music to review (which I slightly regret since school’s next month), so I heard the “The Envelope – EP”, and I’m going to review it once and for all with the time that I have:

Here’s the line up of the band first of all, and their Twitters:

Jandre Nadal: Vocals & Guitar

John Feliciano: Guitar

Edgar Ramos: Bass

JuanMa Font: Drums

I’ll never figure out what’s possessing every band I’m reviewing to release EP’s these days, but after hearing this, I assume that it’s because they heard the epic sound of this incredible band and thought they could do better. *Amateurs*…

Hear for yourself:

The band displays an incredible versatility, never recycling the same sound twice for each track. The lyrics are non conforming to popular demand, and sheer genius. Jandre’s singing is nothing short of amazing, fitting themes of the songs with perfect synchronization. The guitars, courtesy of John Feliciano, is amazing, manipulating several hard and soft styles with the most natural ease imaginable, really complementing Jandre’s vibrato. JuanMa Font is a modern Steven Adler, taking the job of being the heart and backbone of the band and making it seem like no effort at all, as with the bass playing Edgar Ramos, not using cheap one-note strums but saving the band from a hollow output.
In short, these four are no amateurs:

Amateurs don’t have drive. Amateurs don’t have their skill, and for guys new and fresh on the scene, they seem to have little to nothing lacking in terms of skill, image, and performance.

The only thing their missing is this:

So for me, this is one of those EP’s you wanna hear endless times just so you know that you’re not imagining things, perfect for skeptics that hardcore rock is as dead as Nirvana’s frontman. I give this EP a perfect score:

Here’s the link to the music:

I seriously wish all the best to this band, and unless their role models are Guns N Roses, they’re on they’re way to great things if they perfect what they’ve already perfected…


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