CJ Szuter: Review on Failing Grace EP And “CJ1”

I’m not used to seeing the Szuter brothers going solo, but C.J deserves all credit where credit is due. I haven’t heard music with him on lead vocals since Outta The Blue, and C.J is an extremely talented musician in his own right. The EP “Falling Grace” and Album “CJ1” (as it’s titled) is proof for itself, a must have for die hard music fans craving real brilliance and exemplary skill output.

C.J is a musically genius, with amazing down-to-earth vocals, and he sings with an unreal passion with master lyricism not seen in years. Even after all these years, C.J’s voice is neither shot nor cracked, and his dedication to originality hasn’t waned in the slightest way. This intelligent music is a rarity, another reason why “Magna-Fi” and the preceding “Szuters” were so successful. The song “The Sound” is literally a heartbreak anthem, and definitely defines the entire EP. As for his other songs, It’s a living testament for C.J’s solo potential. Every song, particularly “Sucker, Last Train, Karma, and Another World” truly reflect C.J’s drive, music that makes you want to go ballistic in the streets.

Let me put it this way: If Magna-Fi was Black Sabbath, this would be “Blizzard of Ozz”! As stated, it’s a must have for anyone seeking hardcore talent in the neglected hard rock genre. Platinum Worthy!


And here’s where you can buy:






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