Thoughts on Reactions (The Band)

I’ve heard the song “The Missing”, and I like it. It’s a catchy song…

When I head the lead vocalist, I thought to myself: This is an epic version of Twelve Stones. They sort of sound alike…

Here’s the Lineup:

Michael Amorosia – Vocals
Noah Hickman – Guitar/Vocals
Steve Splain – Guitar
Jeremy Rice – Bass
Nick Ayres – Drums


I must say, these guys would get Olympic Gold for synchronization. They flow so well in their playing style. I love it. They are like Kurt Cobain, stressing true melodic attractiveness in their music. Michael’s voice is like Speed; one that says, “We’re the real deal”. Nick is an animal on those drums, and Noah and Steve’s dual melody and rhythm rescue the band from hollowness, being the heartbeat of the band. Jeremy is a BEAST on that bass, rounding off the whole equation. And what I love about this band is that they sound like the magic that GNR once had when the original five were together in the 80s: One guy goes, they all crumble like a poor Hoplite formation. They are also versatile, switching from melodic hard rock to heavy metal to screamo and God-Knows-What. It’s like switching from 12 stones to Staind to Drowning Pool to Seether and to Slipknot, before amazingly rotating all the around again. So versatile, covering several styles in ONE SONG. Like I said, “THEY’RE THE REAL DEAL”. And they don’t abuse special effects like modern bands. If they stay and perfect this incredible sound, then not only will I be able to pretend like I’m from the “Smells Like Teen Spirit” video, but they might go place bigger than Ozzfest!



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