Thoughts on the Scoundrels…

I’m not sure what to think at this point, but I DO like what I hear… I discovered Bianca Hernandez after trying to see whatever became of Mike Szuter post-Magna-Fi (the same method lead me to discover Paul Gilbert). I stumbled across the “Rock N Roll Rebels” (I swear that’s a Steppenwolf album) and I didn’t like it at all. I just saw a weird looking Hispanic girl with pink hair trying too hard to be sexy, and Mike performing Van Halen solos. So ultimately, I heard these guys:

Here’s the lineup:

Bianca “Bananas” Hernandez – lead vocals

Stevan “El Premier” DeZarn – guitar

Antonio Mojica – upright bass

Luis Marcelo Mendez – drums/percussion

Anyways, these guys sound like more classic forms of rock and roll, or perhaps that’s just the sound output of their recordings. This band isn’t very guitar oriented like others, and they seem to have some inputs in Latin sounding music. Interesting how they can combine the two without sounding unusual; very good sync. However, one could get skeptical and call this method mediocre, but that’s a matter of general opinion. The horns are a twist: At least they sound more original by incorporating uncommon instruments (even though they were pretty common in the 50’s), but the fact that Antonio plays upright bass (a non-electric instrument), might make him easily drowned out in most songs (Just a thought).

The songs are very classic-sounding in their recording, mixing, and unless you like the old school stuff (Which I sure don’t mind), this band probably won’t appeal to modern music fans. But then again, I guess that makes them great:

I like bands who don’t conform. It makes them seem even more legit.

Still, I’m not feeling the vocalist. Maybe that’s why I’m in love with this photo:

I SERIOUSLY WISH ALL THE BEST TO THIS BAND. Finding a new vocalist. She’s like a female Dave Evans.


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