Underrated #12: Trixter

It’s been a while since I’ve posted since I’ve been putting all my attention on my brand new unnamed screenplay, but even still, I HAVE to put a post on this amazing band from the nineties, and yes, they’re severely underrated…

Listen to these:

And no, this isn’t a Guns N’ Roses cover:

This is the lineup:

Peter “Pete” Loran – lead vocals, rhythm guitar (1983–1995, 2007–present)
Steve Brown – lead guitar, harmonica, backing vocals (1983–1995, 2007–present)
P. J. Farley – bass guitar, backing vocals (1988–1995, 2007–present)
Mark “Gus” Scott – drums, percussion, backing vocals (1984–1995, 2007–present)

The music speaks for itself. They’re incredible, original, and the sound is beautiful. The band members are like the perfect marriage, and they deserve to be acknowledged for their great achievements.
Unfortunately, these guys w=made one fatal mistake (but fortunately they have one Platinum album to prove they aren’t amateurs): They debuted at the worst time for old school hard rock: 1990. The same time Grunge broke loose from Seattle and overtook the music industry, causing everyone with the melodic sound to hit the curb.

New Audio Machine is their new album:


They NEVER disappoint, judging by their first two albums (Trust me, their better than Tesla).

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