Unfortunately, I have huge plans coming up that require me to be off the computer for a while. Of course I have guitar practice and Language studies, but at the end of the day, I have a major screenplay that I would like to start and complete before school again. And so, I have to take a break from blogging, but I DO appreciate the feedback (even though I’M usually thanked), and I’ll definitely be writing back.

Fortunately, I’ll definitely be updating with photos of the script, and I assure that I NEVER disappoint. This script is going to be a bit longer than the Godfather (hopefully NOT BEN-HUR), and will depict many historical scenes, so try and be patient with me on this one. Once my script is complete, I’ll copyright my work, and then send it off to a Guild until I can find an agent. And by the way, My script is INSPIRED BY HISTORIC EVENTS, not BASED ON THEM. So if you see something inaccurate, then just let it fly. Sometimes it’s copyright issues why this happens. And plus, some musicians are hard to get knowledge on, while other sources say different things. Price you pay when researching.

But YOU WILL ENJOY IT. I borrowed THREE autobiographies, so this will be really fun for you to read. Screenplays are tedious, but sometimes fun and a pathway to creativity, so expect to be amazed. If you’re not, well then… whatever; I’m not here to please.

Still, it should take a couple of months to get it right, so trial and error til perfection.

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