My Favorite Album Covers…

21. Danger Danger – Danger Danger (1989)

This album cover really sets the mood for the band’s name, and the creepy guy up top grabs your attention more than the helpless young girl in the bottom. Very well put together, I must say. Thankfully, This album got the recognition it deserved and ultimately went gold.

20. Night Ranger – Somewhere in California

Frontiers records is the home to America’s best (and severely underrated) Rock bands. I love this album cover so much, not only because Night Ranger is back, but because of the endless road scenario that practically never gets old. Somewhere in California, yet depicting the middle of nowhere. Almost as if the band is asking where their long career might take them. Hopefully to the top of the charts for five consecutive months.

19. Steelheart – Tangled in Reins

I’m not sure what that means, but this album cover is spectacular. Love the look on the child’s face. The scenery makes the album appear very eerie, as is representing the change of musical style for the band.

18. Tesla – Mechanical Resonance

The debut album of Tesla was nothing more than spectacular. I loved the design; almost makes you think that Telsa is gonna rule the world with their music. It is indeed, a powerful album.

17. Powerman 5000 – Tonight The Stars Revolt

Gotta love the look on Spider’s face. The album cover is amazing, and it practically tells you what crazy ride you’re in for as PM5K fan. The scientific rocket ships, and, if you look closely… Fall of 1947? Perhaps in those days sci-fi was more intriguing. The album it self is a cult classic and a must have. Spider’s face is the most emphasized. It could scare you away or put deep thoughts in your head…

16. TNT – My Religion

Far from their best album yet, but the design is spectacular. The pyramid and the Egyptian eyes remind me of Iron Maiden’s Powerslave. Also, I love the authentic symbolism right above the album title. Whoever designed this really was a visionary.

15. Danger Damger – Revolve

I was so happy to see them come back (funny, because they never really left)…
The fade from yellow to blue (right to left) was very cool, and the globe really emphasized the bands album title. Master work, and I love the shine through effect of the sun.

14. L.A. Guns – Hollywood Forever

A statue of a sad girl, full of moss, next to a speaker with the same deterioration, in a forest of leafless trees and a cloudy sky. Need I say anymore? It’s not so street, but it’s epic nonetheless

13. Bon Jovi – Bon Jovi

Pretty street, if you ask me. I love the amazing photography here. Jon blocks out most of the street and car lights, with the cute girl doing the same on the opposite side. Also I love the sepia feel of the overall photo. Something so simple turned into something amazing. Perfect!

12. Journey – Generations

More epic than most of what I’ve ever seen from Journey. The backdrop is legendary, and the logo stands out like pure gold. Very amazing design.

11. Journey – Eclipse

OMG— Just look at it! It almost represents Journey’s ultimate maturity. Rightfully so, because Arnel Pineda is pure legend on lead vocals. The spectacular effects are just captivating.

10. TNT – My New Territory

Just epic. Almost patriotic. I haven’t seen anything this awesome since God knows when. Whoever designed it was a genius. The sword and coat of arms was spectacular.

09. Dragon Force – Valley of the Damned

Just amazing. The dogs, the chariot, the lightning. Just spectacular. Much more appeal than cry thunder…

08. Queen – Queen

Freddie’s pose in his then-signature look and broken mic is basically all you need to know about Queen. Simply legend.
07. L.A. Guns

06. White Lion – Fight To Survive

The pose in front of the lion is simply incredible.

05. Steelheart – Wait

The pose just says one thing: PASSION. I love the cover like a child. Amazing. I wish that was me.
04. Dio – Holy Diver

Seriously. The giant black monster with a chain and metal sign. The freaked out Priest in the water. Just amazing Really emphasizes the entire albums.

03. Metallica – Ride The Lightning

The picture says a thousand things, and one of Burton’s greatest hits is on this album (the title track). I absolutely love the cover. It’s the best if Metallica.

02. Queen – Made In Heaven

Freddie, then just deceased, with a statue striking a legendary pose that’s now even greater than Dio’s metal horns. Just amazing.

01. Tyketto – Strength In Numbers

I’m not a big fan of dogs (or in this case, wolves), but Tyketto really outdid themselves.


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