Clocks: Review on The Dividing Line

Here’s the Line-up:

Ian Sheridan – Drums
Alex Poole – Guitar
Dakota Roberts – Guitar
Nick Mullins – Vocals
Dustin Mathews – Bass

I had a completely different idea in my head about what this band was about. Progressive metal, it said, so the death metal vocals were a bit surprising. Consequently, I can’t understand what the singer is saying, so unfortunately, I’ll have to set all bias aside for this upcoming review. It’s my second death metal review since Waking Chaos.

Unlike the former, this band has a different instrumental sound. They seem to have fused heavy metal riffs into their songs and some milder effects commonly heard in industrial bands, often bordering to sound more like video game effects. Very interesting combination.Ian is a monster on the drums, really showing versatility in his speed up-slow down techniques throughout each song, complete with a more stadium type sound. Alex and Dakota (cool name) have a perfect synchronization effect with each other, almost like Herman Li and Sam Totman or DJ Ashba and Bumblefoot. Death metal bands are known for their fast riffs and strumming skills, which Clocks easily lives up to.

Had it not been for the demon-possessed vocals by Nick, then this would be the perfect band. Their instrumentals aren’t dark like classic death metal bands, and “Aeon of Hours” and “Progress” are admirable pieces of art in regard to overall musical composition.

As for Dustin, I failed to hear bass, and as for Nick, I must say this: I may never understand death metal in the slightest form, but I will say this…
I do find the fact that these types of bands are non conforming very admirable, however, the fact that most death metal bands don’t really make it off the ground (People like beautiful singing as opposed to growling devilish snarls), so with that fact stated, I wish a LOAD OF LUCK TO THIS BAND…

Here’s the album:

And their sites:


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