Review on Crush 40: Rise Again

This is my (technically) third review of Crush 40, having already reviewed their last three releases. This review is on their latest release, which came out August 1, 2012: An EP called Rise again. Courtesy of Wave Master Entertainment, who were responsible for their previous compilation album The Best of Crush 40 – Super Sonic Songs.

Having heard all four songs, I must say: the band Crush 40 can now be described with one word… Commendable

To take time and write such a heart piercing song for the victims and the survivors of the Japanese earthquake/tsunami. It’s a truly uplifting song and it the hearty vocals courtesy of Johnny are a ground shaking delivery. Song of Hope also has a genuine universal relativity,able to stand in place with any recent tragedy, such as the Aurora shootings.

This album is a true step up for the band, finally breaking free from the expected typecast of playing exclusively for the sake of video games. This goes especially for Jun (considering that his greatest victories have been associated with Sonic games, while Johnny just went gold with the extraneous heavy metal band Axel Rudi Pell), who expressed passionate riffs and a true hand of hardcore lyricism. Besides, there’s no Sonic game to get a summarized plot from for each song, so the “Blaze of Glory” effect is expunged.
Ironically, the band plays on this very same principle in the song entitled Sonic Youth, which almost can be interpreted as an anniversary type memoir (Well I’ve opened my heart/And I’ve lived and learned/And I’ve take a step in his world), or even a ballad of a typical fans experience.

A true masterpiece, albeit four songs. Each has a life of it’s own, and shows what Crush 40 is REALLY made of and that they really do know how to rock, with or without a blue mascot. . It also shows a glimpse into the bands more human side, and of course, nobody likes a poser, which is a definite plus. Johnny’s voice is still as amazing as it was when he released the Brunette demos and did his appearance on Alter Ego, and Jun’s heavy metal riffs create an Ozzy/Iommi and, songwriting-wise, a McCartney/Lennon fusion for the 21st century. Brilliant; I’m glad that they’re the first rock band I’ve ever heard!




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