Review: January Complex LP

This 12-track album is definitely something I had to go through a few times just to get a full grasp on the musical outlet.

Heart Impaled seems to have done something interesting on this album. They seemed to have taken electronic, industrial, and heavy metal instrumentals (on tracks such as “Awaking Compound God”, “Disassembly and Reconfiguration”, and “Harbinger’s Eye”) and fused them together with the pinnacle of perfectionism. It’s really a true taste of Science Fiction, Suspense, and indefinite talent output. Tracks like “Gemini Mind on Libra’s Scales” are exemplary for the melting pot approach that the band takes. No apparent style ever stands out more than the other, giving each nit-picking music fan something to enjoy simultaneously. Being a hater of electronic-themed music, this band really knows how to use steady doses of the appropriate ingredients,almost coming across like a Nu-Metal PM5K.

Can the complex riddle be solved, or is it too late?

No idea what that means, but whether or not a budding talent lies in this band is not riddle in itself. Almost like the ultimate compiling of legendary acts like Paul Gilbert, DragonForce, PM5K, Slipknot, and David Guetta. Master work. They also have a wide knowledge of melodic attractiveness, never getting too caught up in the musical complexity to still create an appealing sound, fit for club goers or headbangers.

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