Review on L.A. Guns: Hollywood Forever

And so L.A. Guns released a new album at last. Even though Tracii’s been gone for nearly a decade (although I really enjoyed Acoustic Gypsy Live), Stacey has done an exceptional job filling Tracii’s shoes. Phil has retained the same vocal feel that was on the debut album, keeping the band in every aspect of originality. The band has retained their look and sound to almost uncanny difference, not downgrading with age, proving that original truly is best. Not selling out is really what makes this album so great; it’s like a trip to ’88. In truth, L.A. Guns is the ultimate L.A./Hollywood Band, and they really magnify the elements in the staple song Hollywood Forever. “You Better Not Love Me” is the ultimate bad boy anthem, and “Underneath The Sun” has as much genius sound as the entire “Vicious Circle” album. An interesting track is the final one, “Aranga Nigre”. It’s entirely in Spanish, allegedly a cover song, which really doesn’t go in sync with the other songs or the traditional L.A. Guns. However, experimentation has always proved to be a valuable asset of the band, as proved in ’89 with “The Ballad of Jayne”, so who knows…

Overall, those who long for the original sound once played at clubs like the Troubadour or the Whiskey [A-Go Go] or Rainbow (all in the Sunset Strip), then this is your album. And of course, Phil said it best: “2012 is the year of L.A.GUNS!”

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