Review on Tony Harnell And the Mercury Train: Round Trip

I’ve finally gotten through the [Round Trip] album, and I must say, I’m very impressed at what I’ve heard. Tony Harnell is literally a Robert Plant reincarnate (a reference to his 80’s hairstyle), and has unmatched vocals that surpass the practically nonexistent talent in today’s mainstream music industry of sellouts and overrated misfits. The songs are a compilation of hits from Tony’s previous bands TNT and Westworld , but with a twist of acoustic rewrites (Shame, Northern Lights), to a familiar taste of the music we craved at the height of his three-decade career (10k lovers, Ready To Fly). Tony proves once and for all that he hasn’t gotten soft, and his talent hasn’t waned with time or shifted to the musical demands of a tragically under talented industry. Every note is reached without a single hint of strain (try that Axl Rose), with a strong passion that makes your hair stand up. All in all, another point is proved. Like Ozzy leaving Sabbath, or Dio thereafter, “The Vision [truly] never dies”. Tony doesn’t need TNT to prove how incredible the HIS music can be. The entire lineup of Jason Hagen (acoustic guitar/ukulele), Chris Foley (electric guitar), Brandon Wilde (bass, vocals), Brad Gunyon (drums, percussion), and Amy Harnell (backing vocals) are as well matched as the line-up of Journey, Led Zeppelin, or (for crying out loud) Crush 40. I recommend this album to the world and it’s best friend. It’s a perfect blend of excellence and perfectionism. It’s a perfect example that Tony Mills is a shadow of the Mercury Train’s raw vocal ability; a Paul Rodgers to a Freddie Mercury.

I wonder if Ronni has a copy…

Buy for yourself:

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