Review on Black Label Australia: Lawless

Here’s the lineup:
Steve Mulry- Vocals,
Ross Flynn – Guitar, Backing Vocals,
Loz Marlow – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals,
Geordie Muscat – Drums

The saying stays true, NEVER JUDGE A BAND BY THEIR LOGO.

When I saw their logo, I thought, “Oh great. Another Death Metal Band”. But then I heard their album Lawless and thought “Highway to Hell Part II”.

Interesting that these guys from down under are amazing when it comes to doing rock N roll the old fashion way. I mean seriously: It’s rock N roll. They’re lyrical structure is based on blues roots, and their musical output has the perfect blend of EVERYTHING TRUE ROCK NEEDS. If they trade this for electronica, please shoot me.
This album is classic It sounds like someone took Aerosmith, The Ramones, Rolling Stones and AC/DC and rolled them all together. Songs like Condition Critical, and Thanks For The Memories are practically exemplary examples of what the music once was and should always be, with some true signs of raw hardcore lyricism. It’s a must have for those who think rock n roll is gone with the wind. I can honestly say that I’m looking forward to hearing this incredible masterpiece over and over. Seriously, if Australia rocks this good, I gotta move…

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