Thought on Antipas Group/ Gloomy Puppet Shows

こんばんわ From Canada.

It’s sucks when you can’t enjoy a band because of a language barrier, even though Japanese is a cool language to sing in (I sampled the Gazette and X Japan, liking what I heard and saw). But still, I WILL mention what I loved in terms of their sound.

I heard Gloomy Puppet Shows: Buy here:

Fortunately, I loved the fact that this band actually has some musical intelligence, with a very structured, yet flowing metal sound, almost bordering progressive metal. Even when not in English, I can tell a good singer when I hear one. The vocalist has an amazing voice without signs of screeching or strain, in perfect sync with the song rhythm. The riffs were mammoth; highly addictive. If the songs were in English, they’d probably get a perfect grade. But that’s my loss of course. This band also seemed to show a true sense of versatility, as expressed in the title track, so it’s good to know that they aren’t one-trick-ponies like most others. Its a true expression of alternative metal…. I’d actually learn a language just to enjoy this.

Here’s their site:


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