Thoughts on Hells Addiction…

Here’s the line-up:
Ben Sargent (vocals/guitar)
Liam Sargent (lead guitar/backing vocals)
Jason Green (bass/vocals)
Headache (drums)

Well, I’ll say one thing… They might as well be Heaven’s addiction too. Just a thought…

They sound like a rock N’ Roll version of Pantera.

I must say, I love it how some bands stick to one raw, natural sound and don’t conform to the crappy industry demands of the modern age. So as a first, this band is commendable. The old school rock riffs and hardcore, belting vocals (courtesy of Ben), and power drumming that sounds like we found Rick Allen’s arm. The entire line-up is like Guns N’ Roses reunited. The song is catchy and brilliantly written; an Appetite for Destruction in itself. It seems like their material is still in the works, but I think I might give this band a listen… and hopefully Ben doesn’t asphyxiate.


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