Thoughts on Tamuya Thrash Tribe

I must say, I’m shocked and at the same time confused.

First of all, I wasn’t expecting a death metal band. I’m being honest. I’ve reviewed two so far: Clocks and Waking Chaos. But this is interesting. The singer is actually melodic! EEK! What does that mean?

I think this is the lineup:

Luciano Vassan – Guitar/ Vocals
Guilherme Pollig – Drums
Leonardo Emmanoel – Guitar
J.P. Mugrabi – Bass

I can ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT HE’S SAYING? FINALLY! A DEATH METAL BAND I CAN REVIEW WITH CLARITY! Luciano knows how to keep a melody in mind to avoid driving me insane with inaudible growls. Very brilliant. Also, this band doesn’t follow the tradition of typical death metal bands. Guilherme doesn’t go insane with speed like Neil Peart, and Leonardo and Luciano (COOL NAMES) don’t shred at the speed of light like Herman Li and Sam Totam. No, this band sounds different. They’re music(in terms of standard death metal) is structured and progressive from start to finish. The lyrics, while still doom-oriented, are clear and seep into your brain, showing a true sense of songwriting skills not masked by hellish growls. FINALLY!

Even in faster songs, structure remains. This band isn’t a “Play-as-fast-as-you-can-and-go-crazy” band. If the vocals were ‘singing’, they could easily experiment with nu metal. So yes, like the Clocks that I reviewed before, they have potential to branch out.

Remember these faces. I think I finally found a true balance of thrash and death; not too much of either. Thank God.

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