Review on A Thief At Heart: Good Company








Here’s the line-up/ Their positions aren’t verified:

Talon Bronson, Trevor Scott, Jacob Duffey, Kade Schagunn



After hearing the album for myself, I was almost expecting an alternative/ hard rock sound, but now that I’ve heard each track, these guys sound very blues oriented.



From Track to Track, the vocalist bellows out strong emotional notes with his semi-raspy voice, sounding more of a blues-man in the line of Stevie Ray Vaughan. The guitars almost remind me of AC/DC; ranging from hard rock to blues sounding throughout the course of the album. Funny that they say that rock isn’t dead; they sound more like BLUES to me. Then again, from one came forth the other, and songs like Castle In The Sky are a bit more hard rock. Nevertheless, we could argue this forever, and miss the real point. This album is true musicianship, something these crappy synth-pop musicians need to really study and get off their lazy computer-generated chart topping filth. I hope these guys the best when they go off for their tour.

Buy it here:

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