Review on W.A.R

So I went to library to find some useful books for my screenplay, and lo and behold, I found Nazi Rose’s autobiography on the shelf. I was about to call it trash, but then I thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be fun to laugh at this pitiful excuse of human filth?” I signed it out and was glued to it. Apparently, Mick Wall was the writer, so I decided to write a review for my troubles.

First of all, Mick made the best and worst decision of his life. His best decision was writing a book on Axhole Rose. His worst decision was writing a book on Axhole Rose. The book was extremely detailed and pulled no punches. It was right down to the point, and lined up with just about every fact that there was to know. Some have described this book as “showing Crackhead Rose to be the tragic figure that he really is”. Well, from reading, he sure is tragic. But at least Mick Wall made that perfectly without using a sugar coated approach.

It was a fun book to read. One, I could see how the story of the ticking time bomb Guns N’ Roses came about, and two, I got to laugh my behind off at Asscrack Rose. Mick really outdid himself, and clearly had a definite knowledge in what he was doing. He deserves to have this book as a bestseller.

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