Thomas Ian Nicholas: Heroes Are Humans

I’ve heard lots of great music from my reviews, and didn’t realize how much talent there was. There was good lyricism, excellence musicianship, chief structure in terms of songwriting, and high degrees of passion and dedication.

With Thomas Ian Nicholas, I heard ALL of that on this album.










If I’m correct, this is the lineup:

Clint Fowler – Bass

Tim Moore – Drummer

Matt Kennedy – Guitar

Thomas Nicholas – Vocals

What’s interesting, more than the instruments, are the vocals. Thomas doesn’t shriek like Bon Scott or sing to unnaturally high levels like Dio or Robert Plant. He doesn’t play with a vibrato like Steve Perry or use a shout-like hair raiser like James Hetfield. He sings softer than Chris Martin and yet he still knows how to grab you. The tranquility of the singing isn’t something you dance or head bang to. It’s something you just absorb and really try to make sense out of. Not that it’s anything outlandish; he writes lyrics in a way that we aren’t used to and you naturally try and catch a grasp of it. It’s amazing; a breath of Fresh Air. Plus the fusion of Pop is also incredible, and it’s not the same thing you heard in Hair Metal bands. This is more down to earth, not overlooked by glam appearance or posing lyrics, but a stripped down blend of old fashion complexity with a deceptive simplicity (just like Nirvana’s In Utero). I haven’t heard music like this since the Szuters.
Music like this needs to be made again, but then Thomas wouldn’t be one-of-a-kind anymore, would he? The music was in perfect in sync with Thomas’ vocals, never drowning him out for a second. These 10 songs are just a true masterwork, combining the best of two different styles and making them come together without having to belt out his lungs or forcing us to pay attention. DEFINITELY COMMENDABLE.






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