Review on Worshyp: Evil Abounds

Well…this is interesting.

Here’s the line-up:
Marz Nova – Guitarz & Vocals
Thor Rune – Guitars
Mig Diablo – Bass Guitar
KK Devina – Drums & Percussion

Just from hearing this album, they almost sound like a crossover of Megadeth and Iron Maiden, just not as extreme and far more melodic. Despite their sacrilegious imagery, the band does seem to display a well-rounded degree of melodic delivery with heavy metal-oriented riffs. It’s a healthy combination, not overdoing one element over another. Nova has steady vocals, not screaming or shrieking but, in a Steve Perry-like approach, mildly flows with the music despite his unusual singing voice. The duo of Nova and Rune (Are these stage names?) have a nice duo effect with their guitars, just like Hammet/Hetfield or Welch/Shaffer. On this particular album, “Diablo” seems relatively overshadowed by the heavy guitar-focus of the band, something usually more expected in death/black metal bands. As for Devina, his drumming is almost on the verge of Death Metal, being the less melodic of the four man group, yet still with a good enough ear to keep the songs in steady rhythm. Lyrically, Destroyer of Men, The Graveyard, and One Crow Sorrow are the most gifted songs, but overall, the band almost seems to have taken a Doom Metal approach to their lyricism, with a bit of an Iron Maiden sound.
Overall, this band is interesting. They’ve blended different elements of more extreme styles of rock without letting one element overtake another, giving a healthy dose to a different audience all at one time, just like Judas Priest and Anthrax. Its a nice album, well mixed, and deserves to be in every heavy metal fans arsenal.

Buy the album here:

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