My screenplay will be on the back burner for a little while. I’m at school right now waiting for my next class, and I must say, the slowness of the day is going to my advantage. I never really made time to write reviews (unfortunately), but I’ve done quite a bit over the past few days and so I’m gonna break from that for a while and try my best to focus on music and screen writing. I’ve even decided to put my language study on the back burner until I get more of a chance to work things out.
Anyways, I’ve decided to use Jonathan Cain as my source of inspiration for my keyboard playing, so this weekend, provided I have the time, I’m going to compose some material then. Hopefully things will be looking up at that point. At this point, I have no band members and no gigs. No nothing. All I have are two electric keyboards and a six string acoustic guitar, so I’ll just make use of what I do have and hire hands for what I need in the future. Still, I can only pray that my schoolwork doesn’t overtake all my time.


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