Recommended of my reviews…

Looking for good bands? I’ve been reviewing bands since July, and so I’ve finally decided which bands are really good for you to hear, depending on your interests:

#1 – Message to Venus

This is a great band from Puerto Rico, now in Florida. These four guys have the amazing sound of an incredible hard rock/alternative band and amazing melodic original songs. In my opinion, these guys are good because they took the best of every rock sensation and fuzed them together into one awesome band. They also have an EP called the envelope on sale:

#2 Versus the Nothing

Another great up and coming band. They have an amazing post-harcdore sound, not overdoing it in too many places. They were also one of my first reviews. I love these guys. They’re fun, real, and they never let themselves escape your head. Listen for yourself! You won’t dissapoint!

#3 Hells Addiction

A great band with a great sound, one that’s hard to describe. Let me put it this way: Take Guns N’ Roses, Mötley Crüe, Mötorhead, and (for crying out loud) AC/DC, and throw them together into some modern guys with drive and power to handle that. Voila: you have Hells Addiction. ANd you know what’s funny? I’ve only heard one music video, and I was sold. It sounded like Appetite for Destruction meets Shout at the Devil. A grade band. All their missing is an album, which might as well sound like Highway to Hell meets American Hardcore.

#4 Art of Dying

A band from our home and native land. These metal heads have three studio albums out, and I love them more than anything. They’re album Vices and Virtues is the Nevermind album of the 21st century (beyong the greatness of Karma and effect), and it’s sure to go diamond in our lifetime. Jonny Hetherington is the new Vince Niel and Greg Bradley is the new Dave Murray. It’s all the best of heavy metal, melodic rock, and experience we haven’t seen since Hendrix!

#5 Tony Harnell

Take powerful voice of Dio and Paul Rodgers, the frontman gift of Bon Scott, and stick him in Norway for thirty years. You have Tony Harnell, the modern Freddie Mercury. Only Rodgers, Rob Halford, Robert Plant and David Lee Roth are still living that can outsing him (even my favorite singer Johnny Gioeli must bow his knee). He’s a real lyrical genius, the Steve Perry of TNT, and the he’s still able to hold his own in his own solo acts. In short, he’s 10,000 legends in ONE!

#6 Heart Impaled

Okay, so take PM5K (Powerman 5000), Rob Zombie, Rammstein, and a tiny dab of Skrillex and then roll them into a formidable heavy metal act. I love these guys. They have the sound, and are masters of blending modern synth sounds with heavy metal. I’m no fan of electric music, but these guys are geniuses to be my favorites.

#7 Crash Midnight


It’s like someone found Tyketto, Ratt, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, and the amazing sound of the 80’s into one amazing underdog band. I love these guys, and their music, particularly long after the genre was put to rest, is really commendable. I think anyone who thinks melodic rock is dead should check them out before they crash again.

So there are my favorite bands. Go on and try them out. I love them, and I don’t listen to mediocre/low grade music. I know you’ll enjoy.

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