Review on Vultress: Distance EP

Thank you God, not a death metal band….

Here’s the line-up

Anthony Capuano (Vocals)
Jordan Gaboian (Guitar)
Chucho (Bass)
Paul Uhrina (Drums/Percussion)

I must say, I’m impressed at what I’m hearing. Anthony almost sounded like a milder Bruce Dickinson (minus the English accent). One thing I love about the band from a first listen is the ability to be hard hitting while technically not being metal. I really enjoy that. Their approach to music seems almost technical, and Jordan is a natural; a real Randy Rhodes. Paul and Chucho are the perfect union of a strong rhythm, just like Paul Jones/Bonham. They know how to slow down and speed up, switiching from form to form in each song like pros, not letting us overdose on one style; almost like the flow of a healthy workout.
The track THE PATH is very instrumental-oriented, and I admire their ability to throw together different styles of music together with an epic pre-chorus. Overall, when it comes to lyricism, they seem to follow the inspirational style with a blend of fantasy (hence the name Vultress, I presume). Little Dio’s in other words…

This is a band with strong potential, and hopefully this isn’t limited to studio output only and they tear up their gigs on stage (which hopefully will make it to an unplugged session or Budokan). I love this EP. It’s definitely worth buying and analyzing for amateurs looking for good inspiration. They have the basic elements in their sound that made Led Zeppelin great, and I think they can take this great distances like “Painkiller”…

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