Update: Sega and I…

So basically I thought of the craziest idea: to try and find employment at Sega. Unfortunately, business was never quite my thing, so as it turns out, there are several things I ended up learning very fast. Apparently, Sega does not accept unsolicited material, so obviously no one can walk in and offer suggestions on how to make the corporation or its products better. On top of that, it seems to me that SEGA doesn’t have a Canadian branch… not even a warehouse. That seriously stinks.

Beyond that, Sega of America seems to have been discontinued since 2006, so I’m really not sure how things are operating down there. Of course, moving all the way to California is very burdensome, and so the search continues on. If Sega licensing fails, then my project will ultimately be in vain…

Trying to land a job at SEGA is of course going to take time. I’m not even sure if they need a digital media artist or if they turn to a professional corporation to find the PROFESSIONALS that they need. Seriously; It really makes me wonder if my resume is even relevant or not (probably not). Oh well. I just looked up their hiring offers, and my studies don’t fit the bill. If only I knew someone in the business who could hook me up somehow, because I simply don’t really know what I’m doing at this point.

Still, I did some checking. If Jun Senoue got hired from college, how the heck did that work??? Then again, that WAS in the ’90s. so anything’s possible. Maybe I should try another line of work….

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