The Worshyp: Kingdom Earth

I really enjoyed this album. I’m not too familiar with the works of the Worshyp, but I was definitely an instant fan after hearing Evil Abounds. This album has incredible memorable riffs and melodic approaches. In terms of the singing- having compared them to the big four once already- leans more to the Metallica post-black album sound, not straying too far from the expected sound of Evil Abounds. In my opinion, if the band continues in this direction without drifting on the plateau of redundancy, then they can hit new heights.


Looking at each member in general; Nova and Rune have really excelled in their guitar sound, keeping the principle of rhythm in mind as oppsed to Evil Abounds. Nova really has a great sounding voice – and lyrically, the overuse of metaphors and symbolism really helps the album sound more theme-oriented, each song working off the grounds of the next. Songs like “GangLords, The Manic’s Mantra, and My World” are commendable in the duo work of Nova and Rune.

Devina is a true drummer, and he and Diablo have a stronghold rhythm, keeping the music from sounding hollow. The drumming is good; almost on the same level as Bill Ward.


This is a really amazing album, and the melodic approach makes it hard to detest any track. You want to play it all the way to the end and then restart. And naturally there are no cheesy ballads to keep girls wet and annoy the crap out of you. I recommend this album to any metal fan, or anyone who seeks genius in music (if there is such a thing)… All the best on the next gold-worthy album.



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