Everlast – Songs of the Ungrateful Dead











Listen to this:

Okay, I will say this. I’ve never been a fan of hip-hop. Rappers these days sound very redundant, relying on cheap punchlines and rhymes that really don’t make any sense or are simply a cheap way to masquerade as a notorious thug or a swag-overlord. So, with full honesty, I can’t truly say that I’m impressed with the performance of Everlast, despite my admiration for the thought-through instrumentals.

Of course, Rappers are an interesting breed, labeling all critics as haters who don’t concur with their musical output, but then I wouldn’t be much of a critic if I did.

First and foremost, I did like the instrumental approach of Everlast’s newest work. He’s no sellout when it comes to melodic output. Most rappers, even long standing veterans have resorted to the more popular synth-pop sound. So that did make the music somewhat more appealing. The narrative force behind “Little Miss America” was both meaningful and touching. This shows that Everlast is very versatile in his lyrical delivery, despite his OTHER tracks raising question…

I got a dopefiend lean, I got a cocaine pain
I got a Vicodin itch and I got shit for brains
Got a hard luck woman, got a few good friends
Got a couple nice hustles that’ll get you some ends

Funny. Don’t see this in the bio.

I told y’all before I would break the law
To put some food in my baby girl’s belly
Cause the senator man took a bribe in hand
And went and shipped my job to New Delhi

The truth is, I’ve never understood the redundant lyrics of many quintessential rappers since the ’90s. The lyrics (just some of many), that are used in first person but seen no where in the bio. I’ve always stressed authenticity in the written work of hip-hop musicians so that they don’t come across as being the typical follower of the “hair Metal Principle”… But of course, I’m sure like all musicians, Mr. Schrody has a compensating explanation for his semi-ficticous lyrics.

Apart from that, the album was… at least for me… tolerable. At least Schrody kept it old school rather than sound like another Nicki Minaj or Rick Ross, which is well beyond irritating. Perhaps if his rhymes stuck to the pattern heard in Whitey Ford Sings the Blues then maybe Hip Hop might have the chance to shine again after being dead for almost a decade and a half.

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