Odoghan: Odoghan

Here’s the line-up:

Jose Visconti: Vocals
Cesar Fernandez: Guitars
Kike Paglia: Drums
Cesar Nocetti: Bass

Having heard this album, I like what I heard (especially after being thrown EPs this whole time). This band sounds very original with an overflow of potential; it’s amazing we haven’t heard of them before. The lead singer, Visconti, combined with the guitar sound of Fernandez, sounds like George Harrison on Nirvana riffs. The sound is brilliant, and not bombarded with typical, non-original synth pop that many bands resort to today. The music isn’t hardcore like Metallica (WAS) and not to soft like Coldplay. A perfect medium, but far from Mediocre… The music is clearly structured and well paced; very thought through.
Paglia and Nocetti hold a strong rhythm section, but Nocetti could always step it up a bit more or even take lead. Still, none of the songs are hollow, which is always a strong point.
Lyric wise, Visconti has a clear cut delivery, not sounding too lame but really making you listen actively; a true lyricist quality often overlooked these days. This band might as well be the new Oasis. The sound is A grade. I’d pay a thousand dollars for music like this! Having witnessed such a great sound, I’m sure any listener could be revitalized with such a sound and be on the edge of their seat for the upcoming Material. A gold worthy collectors item.

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