Starbreaker: Love’s Dying Wish

Now this is just one of those albums that you can’t get enough of.

Tony Harnell, as I’ve said a billion times to drive anyone up the wall, is a truly legendary singer. He still sounds like he’s recording Tell No Tales all over again, with modern mixing. I really enjoyed his ability to harmonize and hits every note to perfection.
Overall, the album is a very interesting one, highly unlike TNT or even Round Trip years later. This album almost seems like a blend of gothic and Heavy Metal in the healthiest sense, without overdoing it too much. Magnus Karlsson is a good keyboardist, albe to create moving melodies without being overpowered by the riffs on each track. The title track is commendable as a truly hair-raising ballad, something expected from the TNT genius…
It’s a real shame that this album never hit new heights (or any for that matter). This is the kind of music people should have. Once you play it through, you literally want more. “Building a Wall”, “Unknown Superstar”, and “Changes Me” are probably the most effective tracks I’ll probably hear, but the whole album itself doesn’t have a shred of simplicity common in most melodic bands. It really makes you forget that this masterpiece was the product of an overlooked side project.


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