Update: The Case of the Missing Szuter

I’ve been trying to find new stuff regarding Mike Szuter for years. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Mike Szuter’s last stand of glory was Magna-Fi, which dissolved more than two (almost three) years ago. Then he was apart of Vegas Limit for a time, and his most recent “fill-in” was either the blue man group or The Rock N Roll Rebels. How sad…. His trail went cold at the end of July.

However, I have a lead:





















This was uploaded on Deviantart September 7, just four days ago. Could this be another false trail, or have I uncovered a vital key in discovering what became of the legendary Mike Szuter? Here’s the link to the photo:


Notice the attached logo: TENNITUS. What the hell does that mean? I Googled it, but was redirected to the band “Tinnitus”, a Winnipeg based Metal band. That’s right: Cold Trail.

OR IS IT????

LOOK at the photo Uploaded by the same photographer:





















Christian Brady was on the Last Magna-Fi Album… A RAY OF HOPE! If I can find out what they’re up to, then I can find out what became of Mike Szuter! Jeff Tortora is lead singer, and a former member of Blue Man Group, which would explain how he met Mike…





Too bad this is one year old… DAMN!


Oh well… I’ll find Mike Szuter eventually….

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