Devise: Lifeline feat.Morgan Rose

The Lineup:

Thommy Michaels- Vocals/Guitar
Wayne Shannon- Guitar/Vocals
Kevin Hightower- Guitar
Sticks McGhee- Drums
Morgan Phillips- Bass

I’m not used to reviewing a band based on just one song, but Devise (formerly the Element) Were one of the first bands I reviewed and they NEVER disappoint (as I’ve heard on this new track).

Devise is a master of melody, without sounding like a hair metal band. This song has perfect vocals by Thommy, who has perfect voice over syncronization like Kurt Cobain, and The guest drummer Morgan Rose has a strong rhythm to keep the song strong. Kevin and Wayne have maintained their powerful in-sync rhythm power, adding to Thommy’s powerful delivery, making this song more epic than any acapella. The lyrics are powerful; definitely radio-worthy. I enjoy listening to this band because you literally hear their passion (translated by hair raising moments from beginning to end).

Congrats you guys. Looking forward to any future releases!


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